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Getting your data ML-ready doesn't have to be so hard

Welcome to Project Sandman, an exclusive Alpha opportunity for data scientists to improve their propensity models with ML-ready network-powered Signals. These Signals provide cross-industry insights, are easily appended to your datasets, and can be used to create more powerful models, quicker.

Move Beyond Data To Signals

Signals are machine-learning-derived insights about consumers’ needs that are generated from actual consumer behavior (historical and real time) in a privacy preserving way. They are sourced from a cross-industry network of IAI customers who all contribute to and benefit from Signals. Project Sandman allows data scientists to directly use Signals in their models to improve prediction accuracy.

What is the Trusted Signals Network?

The Trusted Signals Network (TSN) houses a robust library of cross-industry Signals about things like brand loyalty and purchasing power, that are built on more than 20 billion dynamic second-party customer interactions. The TSN can amplify your customer insights while enriching your knowledge with perspectives from other industries. We are the first AI platform in the world to be privacy-by-design certified and are CCPA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliant.

Upload a qualified machine learning model 

Using our secure, encrypted file transfer, upload:

  1. Training datasets including features (excluding any PII or sensitive information) and outcome(s) (target variable)
  2. A corresponding Validation Dataset which only consists of the Features and not the Outcome(s) in order to properly evaluate the boost due to the TSN on the Validation Set

Our software will automatically show you relevant signals that will improve model performance and display key metrics (ex. increases in ROC-AUC, F1-Score, Precision/Recall, etc.). Aggregated Signals (not data) will be shared between Alpha participants to make performance lift stronger

Enrich Your Data

You measure the performance yourself offline and tell us whether it’s enough lift to push to production and provide any feedback you have to help us improve the user experience

Use Our Features Offline

Free Access

Get a limited time free access to software that will provide fit-for-purpose features to use in your models for the duration of Alpha (~1 month)

Uncover Value

Identify performance boost of your models with our Signals without having to retrain or put anything into production

Minimize Data Prep

Signals are provided back at the same level of granularity as your training dataset so you can join the data easily

Influence the product so it meets your needs and play with cutting edge machine learning tools and techniques

Design A Tool You Will Love To Use

How It Works?

What Are The Benefits?